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VoIP Termination Rates

You are viewing VoIPTraffic Euro standard VoIP Termination rates.

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Rate List

A | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Afghanistan Mobile0.0873
Afghanistan Mobile AWCC0.1057
Afghanistan Mobile Etisalat0.1063
Afghanistan Mobile MTN0.0972
Afghanistan Mobile Roshan0.0882
Albania Fixed Albtel0.1140
Albania Fixed OLO0.1187
Albania Fixed Telekom Albania0.1188
Albania Mobile0.2972
Albania Mobile Telekom Albania0.2861
Albania Mobile Vodafone0.2717
Albania Special Services0.9900
Albania Tirana0.1187
Algeria Mobile Ooredoo0.4379
Algeria Mobile Optimum0.5900
American Samoa0.0198
Andorra Mobile0.1316
Angola Mobile Movicel0.0497
Angola Mobile Unitel0.2129
Anguilla Mobile0.1231
Anguilla Mobile Digicel0.1173
Anguilla Mobility Services0.1485
Antigua And Barbuda0.1169
Antigua And Barbuda Mobile0.1463
Argentina Buenos Aires0.0034
Argentina Corridor0.0048
Argentina Mobile0.1101
Argentina Special Services0.9900
Argentina Special Services TYPE_A0.9900
Argentina Special Services TYPE_B0.0047
Armenia Mobile0.1599
Armenia Mobile Karabakh Telecom0.1078
Armenia Mobile Orange0.1653
Armenia Mobile VEON0.1869
Armenia Nagorno Karabakh0.0726
Armenia Yerevan0.1282
Aruba Mobile0.1378
Aruba Mobile Digicel0.1369
Ascension Special Services0.9900
Australia City Group0.0066
Australia Mobile0.0151
Australia Mobile Optus Mobile0.0135
Australia Mobile Telstra0.0141
Australia Mobile Telstra Australia Via Lycatel0.0147
Australia Mobile Telstra Mobile0.0141
Australia Mobile Vodafone Hutchison0.0146
Australia Satellite Fixed Telstra0.0099
Australia Satellite Mobile Optus Mobile0.0180
Australia Satellite Mobile Telstra0.0094
Australia Special Services0.9900
Austria Mobile0.0861
Austria Mobile A1 Telekom0.0728
Austria Mobile T-Mobile0.1055
Austria Mobile Three0.1281
Austria Special Services0.9900
Austria Vienna0.0623
Azerbaijan Mobile0.1863
Azerbaijan Mobile Bakcell0.1680
B | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Bahamas Mobile0.1229
Bahrain Mobile0.0870
Bahrain Mobile Viva0.0825
Bahrain Mobile Zain0.0859
Bangladesh Chittagong0.0217
Bangladesh Dhaka0.0217
Bangladesh Mobile0.0228
Bangladesh Mobile Banglalink0.0228
Bangladesh Mobile Grameenphone0.0228
Bangladesh Mobile Robi Axiata0.0228
Bangladesh Sylhet0.0217
Barbados Mobile0.0560
Barbados Mobile Digicel0.1033
Barbados Special Services0.9900
Belarus Mobile0.2450
Belarus Special services0.2119
Belgium Fixed Proximus0.0088
Belgium Mobile0.0414
Belgium Mobile Base0.0464
Belgium Mobile Mobile Vikings0.0107
Belgium Mobile Orange0.0179
Belgium Mobile Proximus0.0452
Belgium Mobile VOO0.0452
Belgium Roaming Base0.0277
Belgium Roaming Orange0.0450
Belgium Roaming Proximus0.0713
Belgium Universal Access Number0.0119
Belize Mobile0.1569
Benin Mobile Moov0.2163
Benin Mobile MTN0.2222
Bhutan Mobile0.0349
Bolivia Cochabamba0.0484
Bolivia La Paz0.0717
Bolivia Mobile0.1085
Bolivia Mobile Entel0.1026
Bolivia Mobile TIGO0.1115
Bolivia Santa Cruz0.0510
Bosnia And Herzegovina0.1253
Bosnia And Herzegovina BH Telecom0.1173
Bosnia And Herzegovina m:tel0.1172
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile BH Telecom0.3028
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile Eronet0.3061
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile m:tel0.3066
Bosnia And Herzegovina MOSTAR0.1176
Botswana Mobile0.1321
Botswana Mobile MTN0.1660
Botswana Mobile Orange0.1805
Brazil Belo Horizonte0.0029
Brazil Brasilia0.0038
Brazil Campinas0.0030
Brazil Curitiba0.0031
Brazil Florianopolis0.0035
Brazil Goiania0.0029
Brazil Governador0.0030
Brazil Mobile0.0175
Brazil Mobile TIM0.0078
Brazil Porto Alegre0.0029
Brazil Recife0.0029
Brazil Rio0.0029
Brazil Sao Paulo0.0030
Brazil State of Sao Paulo0.0033
Brazil Vitoria0.0029
British Virgin Islands0.1196
British Virgin Islands Mobile0.1224
British Virgin Islands Mobile Digicel0.1266
Brunei Mobile0.0284
Bulgaria Fixed OLO0.0164
Bulgaria Mobile0.0572
Bulgaria Mobile Mobiltel0.0991
Bulgaria Mobile Telenor0.0477
Bulgaria Mobile Vivacom0.0591
Bulgaria Sofia0.0120
Bulgaria Special Services0.9900
Burkina Faso0.2953
Burkina Faso Mobile0.2394
Burkina Faso Mobile Orange0.2727
Burkina Faso Mobile Telecel0.1303
Burkina Faso Special Services0.9900
Burundi Mobile0.3682
Burundi Mobile Africell0.3173
Burundi Mobile Econet Wireless0.3152
Burundi Mobile Onatel0.2214
Burundi Mobile Smart0.3902
Burundi Special Services0.9900
C | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Cambodia Fixed Viettel0.0394
Cambodia Mobile0.0366
Cambodia Mobile CAMGSM0.0292
Cambodia Mobile Mobitel0.0324
Cambodia Mobile SEATEL0.0359
Cambodia Mobile Smart0.0297
Cambodia Mobile Viettel0.0383
Cameroon Douala0.0679
Cameroon Mobile0.2037
Cameroon Mobile MTN0.2584
Cameroon Mobile Orange0.2726
Cameroon Special Services TYPE_A0.9900
Cameroon Special Services TYPE_B0.2584
Canada Northwest Territories0.0029
Cape Verde0.1092
Cape Verde Mobile0.1802
Cape Verde Mobile Unitel0.1946
Cayman Islands0.0291
Cayman Islands Mobile0.0353
Cayman Islands Mobile Digicel0.0932
Central African Republic0.2061
Central African Republic Mobile0.2241
Central African Republic Mobile Moov0.3336
Central African Republic Mobile Orange0.2617
Central African Republic Mobile Telecel0.3615
Central African Republic Special Services0.9900
Chad Mobile0.3041
Chad Mobile Airtel0.3640
Chad Mobile Tigo0.3559
Chile Audiotext0.0065
Chile Mobile0.0075
Chile Punta Arenas0.0065
Chile Rural0.0058
Chile Santiago0.0061
Chile Special Services0.9900
China Mobile0.0406
China Mobile Unicom0.0406
Colombia Bogota0.0077
Colombia Cali0.0076
Colombia LEX0.0075
Colombia Medellin0.0078
Colombia Mobile0.0056
Colombia Mobile Claro0.0050
Colombia Mobile Movistar0.0050
Colombia Mobile Orbitel Servicios0.0056
Colombia Pereira0.0072
Comoros Mobile0.4950
Comoros Mobile Comores Telecom0.4950
Congo Mobile0.2871
Congo Mobile Airtel0.3801
Congo Mobile MTN0.3002
Congo Special Services0.2871
Cook Islands0.8107
Cook Islands Mobile0.8107
Costa Rica0.0124
Costa Rica Mobile0.0344
Costa Rica Mobile Claro0.0368
Costa Rica Mobile Movistar0.0508
Croatia Mobile0.2525
Croatia Mobile T-Mobile0.2525
Croatia Mobile Vipnet0.2525
Croatia Special Services0.0053
Cuba Guantanamo0.3618
Cuba Mobile0.5143
Cyprus Fixed CallSat Internationa0.0644
Cyprus Fixed High Cost0.0644
Cyprus Fixed Other Licensed Opera0.0644
Cyprus Mobile0.0644
Cyprus Mobile Cyta-Vodafone0.0644
Cyprus Mobile MTN0.0644
Cyprus Mobility Services0.0644
Cyprus Personal Numbering0.0630
Czech Republic0.0111
Czech Republic Mobile0.0465
Czech Republic Mobile O20.0465
Czech Republic Mobile T-Mobile0.0465
Czech Republic Mobile Vodafone0.0465
Czech Republic Mobility Services0.0161
Czech Republic Special Services0.0211
D | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Democratic Republic Of The Congo0.2245
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile0.2194
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile Africell0.3007
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile Airtel0.2998
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile Orange0.2966
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile Tatem0.2186
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobile Vodacom0.3022
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobility Services0.2194
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Mobility Services TYPE_A0.1868
Democratic Republic Of The Congo Special Services0.3022
Denmark Mobile0.0074
Denmark Mobile TDC0.0075
Denmark Mobile Telenor0.0075
Denmark Mobile Telia0.0067
Denmark Mobile Three0.0073
Denmark Mobile Tismi0.0040
Diego Garcia0.4314
Diego Garcia Mobile0.4419
Djibouti Mobile0.2082
Dominica Mobile0.1205
Dominica Mobile Digicel0.1220
Dominica Special Services0.1001
Dominica Special Services TYPE_A0.1257
Dominican Republic0.0241
Dominican Republic Fixed Viva0.0255
Dominican Republic Mobile0.0648
Dominican Republic Mobile ALTICE Dominicana0.0716
Dominican Republic Mobile Claro0.0510
Dominican Republic Mobile Viva0.0669
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo0.0231
E | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
East Timor0.1518
East Timor Mobile0.0589
East Timor Mobile Telkomcel0.2354
Ecuador Fixed Etapa0.0874
Ecuador Mobile0.1226
Ecuador Mobile Claro0.0926
Ecuador Mobile Movistar0.0911
Ecuador Quito0.0882
Egypt Mobile0.0751
Egypt Mobile Etisalat0.0454
Egypt Mobile Orange0.0772
Egypt Mobile Vodafone0.0767
El Salvador0.0724
El Salvador Fixed Claro0.0514
El Salvador Fixed Tigo0.0692
El Salvador Mobile0.0571
El Salvador Mobile Claro0.0717
El Salvador Mobile Digicel0.0690
El Salvador Mobile Movistar0.0692
El Salvador Mobile Tigo0.0737
Equatorial Guinea0.2528
Equatorial Guinea Fixed Getesa0.1633
Equatorial Guinea Fixed Muni0.2598
Equatorial Guinea Mobile0.0934
Equatorial Guinea Mobile Getesa0.2965
Equatorial Guinea Mobile Muni0.2639
Eritrea Mobile0.1544
Estonia Mobile0.2323
Estonia Mobile Elisa0.2278
Estonia Mobile EMT0.0224
Estonia Mobile Tele20.1017
Estonia Special Services0.9900
Ethiopia Addis Abeba0.1627
Ethiopia Mobile0.1518
Ethiopia Mobile ETA Addis Abeba0.1517
F | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Falkland Islands0.2161
Falkland Islands Mobile0.2088
Faroe Islands0.0065
Faroe Islands Mobile0.0167
Fiji Mobile0.2094
Finland Mobile0.0911
Finland Mobile Elisa0.1155
Finland Mobile Telia Company0.0346
Finland Mobile Tismi0.1868
Finland Mobility Services0.0178
Finland Special Services0.9900
France Mobile0.0214
France Mobile Bouygues0.0446
France Mobile Free Mobile0.0446
France Mobile Globalstar0.0116
France Mobile Lycatel0.0335
France Mobile NRJ0.0446
France Mobile Orange0.0446
France Mobile SFR0.0446
France Special Services0.9900
French Guiana0.0082
French Guiana Mobile0.0501
French Guiana Mobile Digicel0.0253
French Guiana Mobile Orange0.0498
French Guiana Mobile Outremer0.0373
French Polynesia0.1993
French Polynesia Mobile0.1733
G | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Gabon Mobile0.2868
Gabon Mobile Airtel0.2925
Gabon Mobile Azur0.2413
Gambia Mobile0.4109
Gambia Mobile Gamcel0.2794
Gambia Mobile Qcell0.3410
Georgia Mobile0.1941
Georgia Mobile Magticom0.1895
Georgia Mobile Silknet (Geocell)0.1933
Georgia Mobility Services0.1558
Georgia Special Services0.9900
Georgia Tbilisi0.1045
Germany IP Phone0.0035
Germany Mobile0.0116
Germany Mobile T-Mobile0.0699
Germany Mobile Telefonica0.0487
Germany Mobile Truphone0.0167
Germany Mobile Vodafone0.0492
Germany Personal Numbering0.0990
Ghana Fixed MTN0.1641
Ghana Mobile0.1458
Ghana Mobile Airtel Tigo0.1487
Ghana Mobile Glo0.2209
Ghana Mobile MTN0.1513
Ghana Mobile Tigo0.1487
Ghana Mobile Vodafone0.1689
Gibraltar Mobile0.0968
Global Mobile Satellite System Mobile Ellipso0.9391
Global Mobile Satellite System Mobile Globalstar TYPE_A1.0507
Global Mobile Satellite System Mobile Globalstar TYPE_C1.0829
Global Mobile Satellite System Mobile Globalstar TYPE_D1.0335
Global Mobile Satellite System Mobile Iridium2.5754
Greece Athens0.0082
Greece Mobile0.0087
Greece Mobile Cosmote0.0082
Greece Mobile Vodafone0.0099
Greece Mobile Wind0.0183
Greece Mobility Services0.0055
Greece Special Services0.0047
Greenland Mobile0.0342
Grenada Mobile0.1465
Grenada Mobile Digicel0.1189
Grenada Mobility Services0.1484
Grenada Special Services0.9900
Guadeloupe Mobile0.0459
Guadeloupe Mobile Digicel0.0233
Guadeloupe Mobile Orange0.0312
Guadeloupe Mobile Outremer0.0482
Guatemala Fixed Claro0.0488
Guatemala Mobile0.1030
Guatemala Mobile Claro0.1030
Guatemala Mobile Movistar0.1030
Guatemala Mobile Tigo0.1030
Guinea Mobile Cellcom0.4109
Guinea Mobile Intercel0.2702
Guinea Mobile MTN0.2736
Guinea Mobile Orange0.3044
Guinea Special Services0.3895
Guinea-Bissau Mobile0.3571
Guinea-Bissau Mobile MTN0.2997
Guinea-Bissau Mobile Orange0.4308
Guinea-Bissau Special Services0.9900
Guyana Mobile0.1605
Guyana Mobile Digicel0.0835
Guyana Mobility Services0.1568
H | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Haiti Mobile0.1787
Haiti Mobile Digicel0.2381
Haiti Special Services4.4051
Honduras Mobile0.0901
Honduras Mobile Claro0.0866
Honduras Mobile Tigo0.1066
Hong Kong0.0195
Hong Kong Mobile0.0198
Hong Kong Mobile CSL0.0224
Hong Kong Mobile HGC Global Comm0.0222
Hong Kong Mobile HKT0.0228
Hong Kong Mobile Smartone0.0225
Hungary Mobile0.0047
Hungary Mobile T-Mobile0.0091
Hungary Mobile Telenor0.0172
Hungary Mobile Vodafone0.0092
I | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Iceland Mobile0.0125
Iceland Mobile Siminn0.0130
Iceland Mobile Vodafone0.0122
India Ahmedabad0.0181
India Bangalore0.0181
India Calcutta0.0181
India Ernakulam0.0181
India Gujarat0.0181
India Hyderabad0.0181
India Jullundur0.0181
India Kerala0.0181
India Madras0.0181
India Mobile Aircel0.0181
India Mobile Airtel0.0181
India Mobile BSNL0.0181
India Mobile Reliance0.0181
India Mobile Reliance Jio0.0181
India Mobile Tata0.0181
India Mobile Vodafone0.0181
India Mobile Vodafone Idea0.0181
India Mumbai0.0181
India New Delhi0.0181
India Pune0.0181
India Punjab0.0181
India Tamil Nadu0.0181
Indonesia Mobile0.0266
Indonesia Mobile Indosat Ooredoo0.0253
Indonesia Mobile Telkomsel0.0296
Indonesia Mobile Three0.0276
Indonesia Mobile XL0.0164
Indonesia Satellite Mobile0.0280
International Networks4.1315
International Networks - Global Networks0.8740
International Networks - SEANET1.0103
International Networks 1 MTT0.0099
International Networks 1 Orange0.0243
International Networks 1 Telenor0.0361
International Networks 1 Voxbone0.0021
International Networks Aero Mobile15.5249
International Networks ELLIPSO0.3925
International Networks Emsat6.5276
International Networks Marcom0.5751
International Networks Oration TPG5.5812
International Networks Special Services Emsat0.9900
International Networks Special Services Global Networks0.9900
International Networks Thuraya1.4413
International Networks TPG0.8740
International Networks Vodafone0.0602
Iran Mobile0.1076
Iran Mobile Irancell0.1109
Iran Mobile TIC0.1125
Iran Tehran0.0908
Iraq Baghdad0.0876
Iraq Mobile0.0950
Iraq Mobile Asiacell0.1474
Iraq Mobile Korek Telecom0.1394
Iraq Mobile Sana0.1542
Iraq Mobile Zain0.1468
Ireland Mobile0.0067
Ireland Mobile Lycatel0.0070
Ireland Mobile Meteor0.0067
Ireland Mobile O20.0068
Ireland Mobile Tesco Mobile0.0067
Ireland Mobile Three0.0069
Ireland Mobile Vodafone0.0067
Ireland Special Services0.9900
Israel Mobile0.0140
Israel Mobile Cellcom0.0142
Israel Mobile Orange0.0141
Israel Mobile Palestine0.1396
Israel Palestine0.1085
Italy Mobile0.0693
Italy Mobile FastWeb0.0979
Italy Mobile ILIAD0.1461
Italy Mobile Intermatica0.0693
Italy Mobile LYCATL0.1310
Italy Mobile TIM0.0693
Italy Mobile Vodafone0.0693
Italy Mobile Wind0.0693
Italy Mobile Wind Tre0.1313
Italy Non Geographic0.0040
Ivory Coast0.1992
Ivory Coast Fixed MTN0.2429
Ivory Coast Mobile Moov0.2453
Ivory Coast Mobile MTN0.2453
Ivory Coast Mobile Orange0.3083
Ivory Coast Mobility Services0.1815
Ivory Coast Special Services0.9900
J | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Jamaica Mobile Digicel0.1306
Jamaica Mobile Lime0.1434
Japan IP Phone0.0132
Japan Mobile0.0204
Japan Mobile NTT DoCoMo0.0178
Jordan Mobile0.0755
Jordan Mobile Orange0.1218
Jordan Mobile Umniah0.1206
Jordan Mobile Zain0.0755
K | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Kazakhstan - Fixed OLO0.0111
Kazakhstan Fixed OLO0.0268
Kazakhstan Mobile0.1314
Kazakhstan Mobile Beeline0.0642
Kazakhstan Mobile Kcell0.1397
Kazakhstan Mobility Services0.0198
Kazakhstan Special Services0.9900
Kenya Mobile0.1680
Kenya Mobile Airtel0.1553
Kenya Mobile JTL0.1025
Kenya Mobile Safaricom0.0768
Kenya Mobile Telkom0.1342
Kosovo Mobile0.3564
Kuwait Mobile0.0154
Kuwait Mobile Ooredoo0.0151
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek0.0710
Kyrgyzstan Mobile0.1261
Kyrgyzstan Mobility Services0.1361
Kyrgyzstan Special Services0.1082
L | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Laos Mobile0.0508
Latvia Fixed LMT0.1398
Latvia Fixed OLO0.1516
Latvia Fixed OLO Zone30.3465
Latvia Mobile0.0401
Latvia Mobile Bite0.2201
Latvia Mobile LMT0.1504
Latvia Mobile Tele20.2242
Latvia Mobile VENTAmobile0.1532
Latvia Mobile Xomobile SIA0.1989
Latvia Mobility Services0.0356
Latvia Special Services0.9900
Latvia Special Services Tet0.2814
Lebanon Mobile0.1177
Lesotho Mobile Econet0.3584
Lesotho Mobile Vodacom0.3028
Liberia Mobile0.3132
Liberia Mobile Comium0.2519
Liberia Mobile MTN0.2682
Liberia Mobile Orange Liberia0.2547
Liberia Special Services0.9900
Libya Mobile0.0747
Libya Mobile Almadar0.1823
Liechtenstein Mobile0.0342
Liechtenstein Mobile TYPE_A0.0569
Liechtenstein Voice Mail0.0435
Lithuania Mobile0.2574
Lithuania Mobile Bite0.1115
Lithuania Mobile Tele20.2574
Lithuania Mobile Telia Lietuva0.2121
Lithuania Mobility Services0.2574
Lithuania Special Services0.9900
Luxembourg Fixed Cegecom0.0119
Luxembourg Mobile0.1305
Luxembourg Mobile Orange0.1297
Luxembourg Mobile POST Luxembourg0.1297
Luxembourg Mobile Tango0.1384
M | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Macao Mobile0.0726
Macedonia Fixed One0.1120
Macedonia Mobile0.2603
Macedonia Mobile One0.2431
Macedonia Mobile T-Mobile0.2622
Macedonia Mobility Services0.2594
Macedonia Skopje0.1116
Macedonia Special Services0.0898
Madagascar Mobile0.4115
Madagascar Mobile Airtel0.3886
Madagascar Mobile Orange0.4930
Madagascar Special Services0.9900
Madagascar Special Services TYPE_A0.9900
Malawi Mobile0.2979
Malawi Mobile Access0.1930
Malawi Mobile Airtel0.2951
Malawi Special Services0.1930
Malaysia Mobile0.0048
Malaysia Mobile Celcom0.0052
Malaysia Mobile DiGi0.0057
Malaysia Mobile Maxis0.0058
Maldives Mobile Dhiraagu0.8234
Maldives Mobile Wataniya0.6823
Mali Bamako0.2227
Mali Mobile0.2841
Mali Mobile Orange0.2505
Mali Mobile Telecel0.2700
Malta Mobile0.0392
Malta Mobile Vodafone0.0303
Marshall Islands0.1018
Martinique Mobile0.0167
Martinique Mobile Digicel0.0096
Martinique Mobile Orange0.0436
Martinique Mobile Outremer0.0374
Mauritania Fixed Chinguitel0.3295
Mauritania Fixed Mattel0.3817
Mauritania Mobile Chinguitel0.3341
Mauritania Mobile Mattel0.4941
Mauritania Mobile Mauritel0.3732
Mauritius Mobile0.1148
Mauritius Mobile Emtel0.1148
Mayotte Mobile0.0168
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 20.0034
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 30.0043
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 40.0038
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 50.0031
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 60.0036
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 70.0036
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 80.0055
Mexico Mobile AT&T Zone 90.0048
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 20.0033
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 30.0042
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 40.0038
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 50.0052
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 60.0039
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 70.0033
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 80.0056
Mexico Mobile Movistar Zone 90.0044
Mexico Mobile Old Format0.0045
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 2A0.0033
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 2B0.0035
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 30.0050
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 4A0.0031
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 4B0.0037
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 4C0.0052
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 50.0037
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 6A0.0038
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 6B0.0037
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 6C0.0065
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 7A0.0045
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 7B0.0034
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 8A0.0041
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 8B0.0048
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 9A0.0058
Mexico Mobile Telcel Zone 9B0.0047
Mexico Mobile Zone 20.0032
Mexico Mobile Zone 30.0040
Mexico Mobile Zone 40.0034
Mexico Mobile Zone 50.0025
Mexico Mobile Zone 60.0032
Mexico Mobile Zone 70.0038
Mexico Mobile Zone 80.0022
Mexico Mobile Zone 90.0073
Moldova Mobile0.1664
Moldova Mobile MoldCell0.2277
Moldova Mobile Orange0.1576
Moldova Mobile Unite0.2442
Moldova Pridnestrovje0.1418
Moldova Special Services0.2080
Monaco Fixed OLO0.0474
Monaco Mobile0.0536
Monaco Mobile Kosovo0.1788
Mongolia Mobile0.0103
Montenegro Mobile0.3121
Montenegro Mobile m:tel0.2419
Montenegro Mobile Telenor0.2729
Montserrat Mobile0.1623
Morocco Fixed Inwi0.0352
Morocco Fixed Orange Maroc0.0749
Morocco Mobile0.4554
Morocco Mobile Inwi0.4505
Morocco Mobile Inwi Far Zone0.4505
Morocco Mobile Orange Maroc0.4505
Morocco Mobility Services0.2631
Mozambique Mobile Mcel0.0889
Mozambique Mobile Movitel0.1314
Mozambique Mobile Vodacom0.2332
Myanmar Mobile0.0778
Myanmar Mobile Mytel0.0951
Myanmar Mobile Ooredoo0.0670
Myanmar Mobile Telenor0.0922
Myanmar Mobility Services0.0724
N | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Namibia Mobile0.0464
Namibia Mobile MTC0.0236
Nepal Kathmandu0.0994
Nepal Mobile0.0698
Nepal Mobile Ncell0.1205
Nepal Mobile Nepal Telecom0.1208
Netherlands Antilles0.0755
Netherlands Antilles Bonaire0.1043
Netherlands Antilles Curacao0.0454
Netherlands Antilles Mobile0.0808
Netherlands Antilles Mobile Digicel0.0795
Netherlands Antilles Mobile Radcom Sint Maarten0.0854
Netherlands Antilles Sint Maarten0.0760
Netherlands Freephone0.0069
Netherlands Mobile0.0644
Netherlands Mobile iBasis0.0095
Netherlands Mobile Lycamobile0.0644
Netherlands Mobile T-Mobile0.0644
Netherlands Mobile Tele20.0228
Netherlands Mobile Telfort0.0228
Netherlands Mobile Tismi0.0098
Netherlands Mobile Vodafone0.0228
Netherlands Mobility Services0.0098
Netherlands Special Services0.9900
New Caledonia0.1164
New Caledonia Mobile0.2467
New Zealand0.0092
New Zealand Mobile0.0252
New Zealand Mobile Vodafone0.0278
Nicaragua Mobile0.1082
Nicaragua Mobile TIGO0.1393
Nicaragua Mobility Services0.1248
Niger Mobile0.2700
Niger Mobile Airtel0.1822
Niger Mobile Moov0.2091
Niger Mobile Orange0.1534
Niger Mobility Services0.1392
Niger Special Services0.9900
Nigeria Fixed VGC0.0624
Nigeria Fixed VODACOM0.0318
Nigeria Mobile0.0693
Nigeria Mobile 9MOBILE0.0460
Nigeria Mobile Airtel0.0693
Nigeria Mobile Globacom0.0580
Nigeria Mobile MTN0.0762
Nigeria Mobile Smile0.0624
Norfolk Island0.5955
North Korea0.2418
Northern Mariana Islands0.0252
Norway Mobile0.0063
Norway Mobile NetCom0.0063
Norway Mobile Network0.0062
Norway Mobile Tele20.0063
Norway Mobile Telenor0.0055
Norway Special Services0.9900
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Oman Fixed Ooredoo0.1006
Oman Mobile0.1372
Oman Mobile Ooredoo0.1543
P | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Pakistan Fixed SCO0.0276
Pakistan Islamabad0.0314
Pakistan Karachi0.0315
Pakistan Lahore0.0314
Pakistan Mobile0.0347
Pakistan Mobile Jazz0.0270
Pakistan Mobile SCO0.0279
Pakistan Mobile Telenor0.0347
Pakistan Mobile Ufone0.0347
Pakistan Mobile Zong0.0347
Palestine Mobile0.1392
Panama Mobile0.0713
Panama Mobile C&W0.0743
Panama Mobile Digicel0.0723
Panama Mobile Movistar0.0720
Papua New Guinea0.8678
Papua New Guinea Mobile0.7921
Papua New Guinea Mobile Digicel1.2727
Paraguay Mobile0.0166
Paraguay Mobile Personal0.0161
Paraguay Mobile TIGO0.0164
Peru High Cost0.0035
Peru LEVEL3 Lima0.0030
Peru Lima0.0027
Peru Mobile0.0038
Peru Mobile Claro0.0037
Peru Mobile Movistar0.0038
Peru Rural0.2128
Philippines Mobile0.1126
Philippines Mobile Globe0.0842
Philippines Mobile Smart0.1074
Philippines Special Services0.0612
Poland Fixed Netia0.0312
Poland Fixed OLO0.0268
Poland Fixed OLO 20.0320
Poland Fixed T-Mobile0.0384
Poland Fixed T-Mobile (GTS)0.0359
Poland Mobile0.1007
Poland Mobile CenterNet0.0686
Poland Mobile Orange0.0947
Poland Mobile P4 PLAY0.0878
Poland Mobile Plus0.0984
Poland Mobile T-Mobile0.0933
Poland Mobility Services0.0092
Poland Special Services0.9900
Portugal Mobile0.0082
Portugal Mobile MEO0.0117
Portugal Mobile NOS Comunicacoes sa0.0085
Portugal Mobile Vodafone0.0085
Portugal Non Geographic0.0171
Puerto Rico0.0031
Q | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Qatar Mobile0.1177
Qatar Mobile Vodafone0.1157
R | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Reunion Mobile0.0137
Reunion Mobile Orange0.0564
Reunion Mobile SRR0.0239
Romania ASTRAL0.0034
Romania Bucharest0.0035
Romania Cosmote0.0040
Romania Mobile0.0105
Romania Mobile Cosmote0.0099
Romania Mobile Enigma0.0084
Romania Mobile Orange0.0100
Romania Mobile Vodafone0.0093
Romania Mobile Zapp0.0094
Romania OLO0.0034
Romania Orange0.0033
Romania RCS & RDS0.0035
Romania Special Services0.9900
Romania Special Services Mediafon0.9900
Romania Special Services RCS & RDS0.0040
Romania Special Services TYPE_D0.0038
Romania Vodafone0.0035
Russia - Fixed0.0297
Russia Abkhazia0.1429
Russia Far Zone0.0164
Russia Fixed 10.0114
Russia Fixed 20.0120
Russia Fixed 50.0159
Russia Mobile0.0483
Russia Mobile Abkhazia0.1670
Russia Mobile Beeline0.0309
Russia Mobile Globaltel1.5221
Russia Mobile Iridium Satellite0.0762
Russia Mobile Megafon0.0538
Russia Mobile MTS0.0699
Russia Mobile MVNO0.0230
Russia Moscow0.0080
Russia South Ossetia0.0580
Russia St Petersburg0.0087
Rwanda Fixed MTN0.1285
Rwanda Mobile0.1696
Rwanda Mobile Airtel0.1853
Rwanda Mobile MTN0.1925
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Saint Helena0.4373
Saint Kitts And Nevis0.1181
Saint Kitts And Nevis Mobile0.1237
Saint Kitts And Nevis Mobile Digicel0.0737
Saint Lucia0.0795
Saint Lucia Mobile0.1292
Saint Lucia Mobile Digicel0.1275
Saint Pierre And Miquelon0.1072
Saint Pierre And Miquelon Mobile0.1269
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines0.0753
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Mobile0.1122
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Mobile Digicel0.1484
San Marino0.0227
San Marino Fixed TIS0.0213
San Marino Mobile Alternative0.0208
San Marino Mobile San Marino Telecom0.0208
San Marino Special Services0.0265
San Marino Special Services TYPE_A0.9900
San Marino Special Services TYPE_B0.0190
Sao Tome And Principe0.5501
Sao Tome And Principe Mobile0.4693
Sao Tome And Principe Mobile Unitel0.6042
Saudi Arabia0.7613
Saudi Arabia Fixed Atheeb Wimax0.0568
Saudi Arabia Fixed Etisalat Mobily0.0572
Saudi Arabia Mobile0.7613
Saudi Arabia Mobile ETISALAT MOBILY0.7613
Saudi Arabia Mobile Virgin0.0870
Saudi Arabia Mobile Zain0.7613
Saudi Arabia Riyad0.7613
Senegal Fixed Expresso0.0296
Senegal Fixed Free0.1398
Senegal Fixed Sonatel0.1575
Senegal Mobile CSU0.1661
Senegal Mobile Expresso0.1908
Senegal Mobile Free0.2816
Senegal Mobile Orange0.1212
Serbia Belgrade0.1122
Serbia Fixed Orion Telekom0.0964
Serbia Mobile0.2681
Serbia Mobile Telenor0.2928
Serbia Mobile VIP0.2894
Serbia Special Services0.1019
Seychelles Mobile0.5070
Seychelles Mobile Airtel0.4273
Seychelles Mobile Smartcom0.3686
Seychelles Special Services0.9900
Sierra Leone0.2149
Sierra Leone Mobile0.2198
Sierra Leone Mobile Africell0.3801
Sierra Leone Mobile Orange0.2765
Sierra Leone Mobile Qcell0.2707
Sierra Leone Special Services0.9900
Singapore Fixed Starhub0.0050
Singapore Mobile0.0054
Singapore Mobile M10.0071
Singapore Mobile Singtel0.0067
Singapore Mobile Starhub0.0069
Slovakia Fixed Short Numbers0.0043
Slovakia Mobile0.0175
Slovakia Mobile O20.0376
Slovakia Mobile Orange0.0440
Slovakia Mobile Slovak Telekom0.0355
Slovakia Mobile SWAN0.0223
Slovakia Special Services0.0042
Slovenia Fixed TYPE_A0.1493
Slovenia Fixed TYPE_B0.1526
Slovenia Mobile0.1196
Slovenia Mobile A1 Slovenija0.0727
Slovenia Mobile Telekom Slovenije0.1391
Slovenia Mobile Telemach0.1701
Slovenia Mobility Services0.2480
Slovenia Special Services0.9900
Snac Inmarsat AERO2.1658
Snac Inmarsat B0.9055
Snac Inmarsat B HSD1.0990
Snac Inmarsat BGAN2.2753
Snac Inmarsat BGAN HSD1.7843
Snac Inmarsat M2.1170
Snac Inmarsat M42.1463
Snac Inmarsat Mini M1.1278
Solomon Islands1.8147
Solomon Islands Mobile0.8418
Somalia Fixed Golis0.2095
Somalia Fixed Hortel0.2049
Somalia Fixed Telcom0.2765
Somalia Fixed Telesom0.2849
Somalia Mobile0.2781
Somalia Mobile Golis0.2257
Somalia Mobile Hortel0.1519
Somalia Mobile Somafone0.2732
Somalia Mobile Somtel0.0778
Somalia Mobile Telesom0.2502
Somalia Mobility Services0.2774
Somalia Special Services0.9900
South Africa0.0514
South Africa Fixed MTN0.0438
South Africa Fixed OLO0.0444
South Africa Mobile0.0345
South Africa Mobile Cell C0.0505
South Africa Mobile MTN0.1247
South Africa Mobile Openserve0.0468
South Africa Mobile Vodacom0.0646
South Africa Special Services0.9900
South Korea0.0091
South Korea Mobile0.0086
South Korea Mobile Korea Telecom0.0088
South Korea Mobile SK Telecom0.0085
South Sudan0.2212
South Sudan Mobile0.2017
South Sudan Mobile DIGITEL Holdings Ltd0.1117
South Sudan Mobile MTN0.3202
South Sudan Mobile Vivacel0.2186
South Sudan Mobile Zain0.3185
Spain Mobile0.0644
Spain Mobile Lycatel0.0207
Spain Mobile Orange0.0302
Spain Mobile Telefonica Spain0.0245
Spain Mobile Vodafone0.0644
Spain Mobile Xfera0.0644
Spain Special Services0.9900
Sri Lanka0.1050
Sri Lanka Fixed Dialog0.1058
Sri Lanka Mobile Airtel0.1078
Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog0.1039
Sri Lanka Mobile Hutch0.1050
Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel0.1044
Sri Lanka SLT0.1097
Sudan Fixed Canar0.1000
Sudan Mobile0.0971
Sudan Mobile MTN0.1180
Sudan Mobile Zain0.1036
Sudan Special Services0.9900
Suriname Mobile0.1463
Suriname Mobile Digicel0.2767
Swaziland Mobile0.0246
Swaziland Mobile MTN0.0952
Sweden Mobile0.0232
Sweden Mobile Tele20.0141
Sweden Mobile Telenor0.0058
Sweden Mobile Telia0.0108
Sweden Mobile Three0.0558
Switzerland Mobile0.3465
Switzerland Mobile Lycamobile0.3465
Switzerland Mobile Salt Mobile SA0.3465
Switzerland Mobile Sunrise0.6930
Switzerland Mobile Swisscom0.3465
Switzerland Roaming Sunrise0.0556
Switzerland Roaming Swisscom0.0459
Syria Mobile0.2044
Syria Mobile MTN0.2554
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Taiwan Mobile0.0589
Taiwan Mobile Chunghwa Mobile0.0623
Taiwan Mobile Far Eastone0.0588
Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Mobile0.0576
Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Star Telecom0.0590
Tajikistan Mobile0.1127
Tanzania Mobile0.1907
Tanzania Mobile Airtel0.1905
Tanzania Mobile SMART0.2203
Tanzania Mobile Smile0.2090
Tanzania Mobile Tigo0.1971
Tanzania Mobile Vodacom0.2138
Tanzania Mobile Zantel0.1897
Telecommunications for Disaster Relief0.0030
Thailand Mobile0.0272
Thailand Mobile AWN0.0272
Thailand Mobile DTAC0.0272
Thailand Mobile True Move0.0272
Togo Mobile0.1832
Togo Mobile Moov0.2667
Togo Special Services0.9900
Tonga Mobile0.9815
Tonga Mobile Digcel0.9183
Trinidad And Tobago0.1584
Trinidad And Tobago Mobile0.1584
Trinidad And Tobago Mobile Digicel0.1584
Tunisia Fixed Orange0.2791
Tunisia Mobile0.5783
Tunisia Mobile Ooredoo0.5312
Tunisia Mobile Orange0.5473
Turkey 444 Services0.0211
Turkey Adana0.0183
Turkey Ankara0.0187
Turkey Antalya0.0183
Turkey Bursa0.0183
Turkey Istanbul0.0198
Turkey Izmir0.0183
Turkey Mobile0.1851
Turkey Mobile TT Mobil0.1213
Turkey Mobile Turkcell0.1851
Turkey Mobile Turkcell North Cyprus0.1851
Turkey Mobile Vodafone0.1851
Turkey Mobile Vodafone North Cyprus0.1851
Turkey Mobility Services0.1851
Turkey Nomadic Services0.0144
Turkey North Cyprus0.0159
Turkey Other Cities0.0195
Turkey Special Services0.0144
Turkmenistan Mobile0.0930
Turks And Caicos Islands0.0761
Turks And Caicos Islands Mobile0.1264
U | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Uganda Fixed Airtel0.2164
Uganda Fixed MTN0.2496
Uganda Fixed Smile0.2238
Uganda Mobile0.2131
Uganda Mobile Africell0.2415
Uganda Mobile Airtel0.2060
Uganda Mobile Gemtel0.2080
Uganda Mobile K2 Telecom Limited0.1930
Uganda Mobile MTN0.2208
Uganda Mobile Smart0.2161
Uganda Mobile Smile0.2152
Uganda Mobile Ugatel0.2010
Uganda Special Services0.9900
Ukraine Crimea0.0864
Ukraine Dniepropetrovsk0.0836
Ukraine Kharkiv0.0874
Ukraine Kiev0.0855
Ukraine Lviv0.0820
Ukraine Mobile0.1264
Ukraine Mobile Intertelecom0.1247
Ukraine Mobile Kyivstar0.1228
Ukraine Mobile Lifecell0.1700
Ukraine Mobile Vodafone0.1353
Ukraine Odessa0.0822
Ukraine Special Services0.9900
United Arab Emirates0.7613
United Arab Emirates Du0.7613
United Arab Emirates Mobile0.7613
United Arab Emirates Mobile Du0.7613
United Kingdom0.0053
United Kingdom Corporate Numbering0.0040
United Kingdom Fixed Crown Dependencies0.0039
United Kingdom Mobile Alternative Networks0.1238
United Kingdom Mobile Core Telecom0.1162
United Kingdom Mobile EE0.1427
United Kingdom Mobile Jersey0.1234
United Kingdom Mobile O20.0093
United Kingdom Mobile Orange0.2733
United Kingdom Mobile Sky Mobile UK0.1619
United Kingdom Mobile Three0.0872
United Kingdom Mobile Tismi0.0094
United Kingdom Mobile Virgin0.0211
United Kingdom Mobile Vodafone0.3758
United Kingdom Personal Number700.2244
United Kingdom Personal Number840.0633
United Kingdom Personal Numbering0.1114
United Kingdom Wide numbers0.0091
United States0.0034
United States Alaska0.0076
United States Hawaii0.0045
United States Virgin Islands0.0108
Universal Personal Telecommunications TPG0.4483
Uruguay Mobile0.0790
Uruguay Mobile Antel0.0891
Uruguay Mobile Claro0.0576
Uruguay Mobile Movistar0.0988
Uzbekistan Mobile0.0990
Uzbekistan Mobile Coscom0.0990
Uzbekistan Tashkent0.0990
V | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Vanuatu Mobile1.1398
Venezuela Caracas0.0087
Venezuela Fixed Movilnet0.0072
Venezuela Mobile0.0085
Venezuela Mobile Digitel0.0584
Venezuela Mobile Movilnet0.0171
Venezuela Mobile Movistar0.0703
Venezuela Mobility Services0.0057
Venezuela Movilnet Caracas0.0077
Viet Nam0.0417
Viet Nam Fixed Viettel0.0419
Viet Nam Fixed VNPT0.0419
Viet Nam Mobile0.0396
Viet Nam Mobile Mobifone0.0415
Viet Nam Mobile Viettel0.0415
Viet Nam Special Services0.0376
W | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Wallis And Futuna0.1872
Wallis And Futuna Mobile0.1864
Western Samoa11.4166
Western Samoa Mobile1.3790
Western Samoa Mobile Digicel1.3790
Y | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Yemen Mobile0.0912
Yemen Mobile MTN0.0973
Yemen Mobile SabaFon0.0950
Yemen Mobile TeleYemen Int0.0953
Z | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z ^
Zambia Mobile Airtel0.3124
Zambia Mobile MTN0.3206
Zambia Mobile Zamtel0.2575
Zimbabwe Mobile0.2712
Zimbabwe Mobile Econet0.3225
Zimbabwe Mobile NetOne0.3137