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A-Z Termination Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I use your service?
Which currencies are available for the accounts?
Which is the dialing format for each of 3 routing plans available?
Do you offer any volume discount plans?
Do you offer DID numbers?
Do you accept postpaid business model when customer pays after the service consumption?
I have a question which is not addressed in these FAQ's. How can I ask VoipTraffic my question?

Account and User Interface

I haven't received the E-mail confirmation with my customer's login data.
I have lost my password. What should I do?
How can I access my CDRs?
Where can I view and change my E-mail address, password and user interface preferences?
How can I see and download your current Pricelist and list of dialing codes?
I am a customer and I have a problem. How can I report this?

Rates, Payments and Billing

Is it possible to change the currency of my account?
How long are your rates valid?
How do you inform me about rates changes?
When does the call charge take effect?
What is the minimum top-up amount required?
Which payment methods does VoIPTraffic accept?
How fast will my payment be processed?
What is important when making a bank transfer?
Can you also bill in USD?
Do I receive an Invoice by regular mail and/or E-mail?

Technical Questions

How to configure my equipment to setup a connection?
What are your IP addresses?
I want to use Remote IP authentication instead of Digest one. How can I do that?
I can't connect to your SIP server by using username & password. Can I connect by using fixed/static IP addresses?
What Codecs do you support?
I have a connection problem. How can I report it?
Calls are connected but with no voice or with one-way voice. How can I correct this?
Which Media IP addresses does VoipTraffic use?
Do you support T.38 FAX?
Which DTMF tones relaying method do you recommend?
How to select between routing plans?
Is it possible to setup multiple SIP devices with 1 single account?